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* Please note we do not recommend these radios for business use only leisure/recreational usage. All leisure radios are designed for occasional use and for short durations only.

The New Motorola XT180 has been launched as Motorola's top of the range Leisure handset and packed with useful features. It provides all the convenience and benefits of two way communications without the cost of obtaining a licence ( as its an unlicenced half watt PMR446 Radio.)  Multiple XT180 handsets and other PMR446 radios can all be used together or added at a later date, The Motorola XT180 has been built to the highest standards of manufacturing, durability and reliability that users have come to expect from Motorola. It has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable and simple to use, offering superb audio clarity and clear communications in a wide range of environments. This radio also comes with extra sealing to IPx2 standard which means they are a little more than splashproof for vertical sparying water (but not waterproof.) so are ideally suited to outdoor pursuits such as ski-ing, cycling or hill walking etc. Motorola quote 8Km range in ideal operating conditions (but please read our FAQ section on how range is achieved with radios.)

They can be used in VOX (voice activated hands free) but only with a dedicated Motorola VOX headset (not supplied in the pack.) It has a room monitor facility which means one radio can be positioned near the sound source and set into room monitor mode. It then detects sound and transmits these sounds back to the listening handset. We do not however advise this facility to be used as a "baby monitor" as they can only be used in battery mode  (radios can never be used whilst charging on the charger plugged into the mains as all radios must be switched off to charge.) So should it deplete  your child would not be monitored and therefore unprotected should there be a problem. Its ideal for example when someone is ill upstairs and you wish to hear when they wake or if you have a pet that needs monitoring overnight and you do not have a baby monitor. The radios have 8 main channels and 121 Sub channels ( eliminator codes) this means that by putting in the sub channel it reduces greatly the chances of interference from other users in your area of range. It has an Auto scan facilitly which means all channels can be scanned to automatically detect channel activity enabling useres to resond quckly to multi channel communications. The radio has a single pin jack socket and can be used in conjunction with a varied choice of earpiece mics and accessories, the pack is supplied with 2 x Earbuds (no PTT mic.) The  XT180 has a vibrate facility, an integral LED torch, 10 call tones and auto squelch. The handset has a backlite display for those dark nights and a key pad lock to prevent accidental button pressing. All in all an excellent product with many useful extra features.

NB:- Motorola would like to market this model of radio as a light business standard radio but please be aware that as a general rule Leisure equipment of any type has limited battery life as they are designed for occasional use and for short durations and may only last until luchtime during the working day. They are durable but only as far as Leisure equipment goes, and are nowhere near as durable as any business standard radio would be so would not take daily knocks and bumps experienced when using a radio on a daily basis in a work environment. If purchased for a business a leisure radio must be considered a disposible item and replaced when it fails.

Occasions when leisure radios are supplied to businesses are for example;-  For school lunchtime supervisors, exam invidulators, for odd workplace events and staff training events, church car parking staff on Sundays or for visitors to use when in your workplace. As all are short duration occasional use applications. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT WHAT TO BUY PLEASE CALL US FOR FREE ADVICE this may prevent you purchasing the wrong tool for you application and wasting your money.

Supplied in the box

2 x Handsets

2 x Rechargable battery packs

Twin Desktop charger pod

UK and EU adaptors for the charger pod.

2 x Earbud earpieces

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