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Crystal Radio Systems are proud to launch digital two way radios into our product portfolio, Digital two way radios are really the next generation of 2 way radio communication and are designed for businesses and individuals who demand the highest quality communications available. Analogue radio systems are here to stay and are perfect for the majority of radio users however if you wish to go that step further and improve audio quality and functionality then digital radios should be considered. If you would like a demonstration or to discuss the benefits of digital radio equipment then please contact our sales department on 0800 028 6261 to discuss further.

Digital Radio Features

  • Crisp clearer audio than analogue radios
  • 40% Longer battery life
  • One to One calls or calls to specific groups
  • Remote disable/stun and remote radio monitoring for security
  • Emergency call for assistance / lone workers
  • Text Messaging (Keypad models)
  • Noise cancelling enabling clear transmissions in noisy environments
  • Migration is easy as digital radios work in both analogue and digital modes, so they can be introduced gradually into an existing fleet if required
  • New software applications are becoming available all the time for use with the digital platform

Increasingly, producers of Walkie talkie radios are moving towards digital transmissions, as opposed to the more traditional analogue types. This is a long overdue move, and a welcome one for most people who understand the complexities of two-way communication devices in today's market. To put it simply, digital communication is a more modern and technologically advanced system, while analogue is the more old-fashioned and traditional of the two.

There are many advantages to using digital transmission over analogue, though it is also true to say that analogue walkie talkies will no doubt be around for many years to come, working just fine and serving its owners well. Digital radio offers a much clearer voice transmission, for a start. It also offers a much larger area coverage, working more efficiently over long distances.

With analogue walkie talkie radios only one person can talk at a time. That's why a radio protocol was established many years ago where words like "over" are used, meaning "over to you," as an indication that one person has stopped talking and the other person can now begin. With digital two-way communication simultaneous conversations are possible, just like real world face to face communication.

Digital radio also offers more features, such as GPS and text messaging. However, if costs are an important factor, then analogue is the least costly choice. Analogue is also suitable for most situations, but it can struggle a bit in noisy conditions, which is one of digital radio's strengths; it can cut down on background noise to allow much clearer conversations to take place.


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