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Hytera TC-320

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TC-320 446 is unique for its compact and professional design, as well as its superb sound quality. Its strong casing prevents damage against drops of up to five feet and its high capacity battery provides over 9 hours of reliable operation. This radio enables businesses to enjoy dependable communications at an extremely low cost. It is the perfect solution for hotels, retail stores, and schools.

This product enables users to fully enjoy the benefits of real-time communication with favorable price.

Delicate, Compact and Durable Body

Strong enough to withstand 1.5m drop with delicate and compact body design.

Fashionable Design and Compact Appearance

With ergonomic design, this slim and compact product can help users relieve themselves of fatigue from long-time operation.

Creative Optional Remote Ring PTT

This HYT’s unique and creative design (Remote Ring PTT) allows users to enjoy more convenient communication just by a finger operation.

Double Injection Molding and Anti-skid Design

The combination of double injection molding and anti-skid technology brings users comfortable and convenient operation experience.

Chargeable and Programmable through Mini USB Interface

You can directly charge or program TC-320 through its new added Mini USB interface.

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