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Brand: Binatone Walkie Talkie Products
Product Code: binatone 150 walkie talkies
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* Please note we do not recommend these radios for business use only leisure/recreational usage. All leisure radios are designed for occasional use and for short durations only.

Binatone 150 Walkie Talkies  (pre-order - stocks due in end of August)

Dimensions Height - 14.8cm Depth - 9.8cm Width - 14.3cm
0.2 kg weight
9.8 x 14.3 x cm dimensions size of the PMR 
Front PTT location Shows where the talk button is
Black/silver colour shows what colour the PMR is
Volume control Allows you to change the volume setting up or down depending on your surroundings at the touch of a button. 
Signal strength indicator (in LCD) 
Recharge compatible Facility to recharge the PMR to save on cost of batteries
Keypad lock Helps prevent radio settings being changed by accident

Low battery indicator.

Pack contains;- Two radio handsets, two rechargable battery packs, two beltclips and a twin desktop charger.

NB;- Please note this radio has no jack socket and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with earpieces. This type of 8 channel radio is a great little rechargeable starter radio for families and children it will be prone to interference from other radio as there will be a 1 in 8 chance of talking to other unwanted radio users in your area of range! (As there are only 8 channels on this radio to choose from, sub channels and sub codes reduce dramatically the chances of interference.) Therefore if you are in a busy radio use area such as busy beach, campsite, or Theme park etc this probably is not the radio to choose. Call us for advice if you are in any doubt!

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