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* Please note we do not recommend these radios for business use only leisure/recreational usage. All leisure radios are designed for occasional use and for short durations only.

Enjoy the great outdoors and stay connected with the tough lttle and stylish TLKR T50. Whether it’s a day trip, a holiday hike or a weekend in the countryside, with the rechargeable TLKR T50 at your side you can keep in touch with freinds and family alike (see FAQ regarding range of radios.)  They are really ideal budget handsets for children (as well as adults) as they can be secured by the bar at the base of the radio to cothing or bicycle etc as very often childrens clothes are unsuited to using belt clips thus preventing loss of the radios EG; When at theme parks or on beaches etc.  If you are in doubt what to buy please give is a call on 0800 028 6261 or 01527 872777

Pack supplied;- 2 x T50 Handsets, 2 x Rechargable NiMH battery packs, charger (which is more like a mobile phone style charger with twin connection leads rather than a desk top charger unit) and 2 x Belt clips.

    PMR446 radios – license free
    Up to 6km range
    Free Calls
    Rechargeable NiMH batteries (supplied)
    8 Channels + 121 codes
    Scan / Monitor
    5 call tones
    Room monitor


    Brand: Motorola
    Model Number: T50
    Battery Life: approx. 16 hours
    Accessories Included: Two belt clips, mains adapter/charger, instruction manual
    Dimensions: W 5.5 x D 16.5 x H 3.0 cm
    Weight: 103g

Please note this radio does NOT have a jack socket, therefore you are unable to  use in conjunction with earpieces

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