Once the exclusive use of the military, security & emergency services, business radio is suddenly everywhere - from restaurants to garden centres helping business function efficiently all over the country. The reason for all this activity is a Government initiative to relax control of some of the airwaves and allow a simplified licence free service known as PMR446.  Walkie talkies can offer great benefits - they are simple, cheap and reliable - and unlike cellphones, once brought there are no further charges. No licence required. All equipment comes complete with 1 years manufacturers warranty. Please view Frequently Asked Questions relating to products on this page. NB. Should you see lower prices elsewhere, we would welcome the opportunity to better it. Call 0800 028 6261 for more information.

If you’re looking for a communication solution for your business, unlicensed radios are definitely worth considering. These devices are known by many different names, including license free radios, walkie talkies, short range radios, or Personal Mobile Radio (PMR) devices. Portable, practical and highly efficient, they’re an ideal choice for personal and professional use where voice-only communication is required over short distances. What’s more, unlike with licensed radio equipment, you won’t need to fork out for a license fee to use your new devices.


What Devices Qualify as Unlicensed?

Generally speaking, unlicensed radios are a low powered alternative to fully licensed ones. These handheld devices tend to have a lower power output, with the maximum allowable output standing at 0.5 watts. Because of this lower output, transmission range is limited. This range can vary wildly depending on the environment you’re using your two-way radios. In environments full of obstructions, you can usually expect a range of no more than a few hundred metres. In more rural environments with open ground, transmission ranges can extend to several kilometres.


Benefits of Unlicensed Devices

There’s plenty of reasons to opt for license-free radios over licensed ones. First and foremost, the overall price of an unlicensed device tends to be lower, which is particularly attractive to companies with a limited budget, or where many handsets and headsets need to be purchased at once. They’re also user-friendly, with simple controls and functions that require little in-depth knowledge and training. These devices can also be used out of the box, with no advanced configuration required to get going as they come pre-programmed with the appropriate radio frequencies. Newer models also have improved performance and communication quality, with more efficient batteries providing extended operational time in between charges, and refined speaker and microphone components allowing for clearer communication. Aside from the cost of the walkie talkie itself, there’s no other incidentals or contract charges to worry about, while devices are permitted for use throughout the UK and across many EU countries.


Drawbacks of Unlicensed Devices

License-free radios aren’t without their disadvantages. While the low power output is expected to limit transmission range, the uncertainty of range limits can often cause problems. There’s no sure-fire way of determining how far communications can be exchanged as every environment and situation is wholly unique. The main issue with this kind of radio is that the shared channel frequencies means there’s a potential for confusion and a probability of clashing with other users. The high popularity of licence-free devices means that channels are regularly congested with multiple users, while interference from other radio users within range is common.


Common Applications License Free Radios

Despite their drawbacks, licence-free radios are an enduringly popular selection for many industry sectors, including the hotel and hospitality industry, construction, event management and those working in rural environments. They are also a go-to for outdoor enthusiasts incorporating them into their pursuits. However, due to the nags of shared channels, they’re not suitable for use where any communications might contain sensitive or confidential information.


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