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Some licenced radios are no more expensive than unlicenced radios. The benefit with licenced radios is they are 10 times more powerful than unlicenced radios giving greater range and clarity of reception and they are not susceptible to interference from other radio users in the way unlicenced radios are.

Obtaining a licence is very simple , for a UK wide light business radio licence which costs £75.00 for 5 years and covers all your radios a simple form is completed which asks for your business name, address and contact details.  This is then forwarded to the Ofcom address on the form. Licence application forms are forwarded to you by Crystal Radio Systems Ltd.

Please call our sales team on free phone 08000286261 should you have any queries. Please select below between licenced and unlicenced radios.

If you want a simple, cost-effective, efficient way for your staff to keep in touch around the workplace, a business radio is a great option. Mobile radios are a flexible form of communication that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Many come with more that one channel, these extra channels can be used by each department as their own direct line this is useful for management, cleaning staff, security etc. Group channels can be set up to include certain amounts of people in the broadcast. If needed, a complex radio system can be put in place to include security monitoring via GPS or CCTV and group connection over a wide area using the internet.

Why Use a Business Radio?

Business radios are very easy to use, so can be integrated into your workplace with very little training. Two way radios are ideal for large groups of staff and their managers to keep in contact. New handsets and channels can be added when the need arises at little cost. Some examples of business radio users are farm workers, security staff, shift workers, shop staff, teachers etc.

Two way business radios are a better choice over mobile phones due to; the fast connection time, being able to talk to multiple users at once, no monthly bill, being built to military standard so dropping is no problem, they will still work during a major security incident, handsets stay onsite so won’t get lost, they will work in all areas of your business and not just where there is mobile coverage. Business radios can be kitted out with a range of accessories depending on your needs including; headsets, earpieces, rapid chargers and multi-unit chargers.

Licensed or Unlicensed Radio?

Although unlicensed radios are slightly cheaper, they usually have lower power, have a shorter range and the channels can get congested. If your business is large scale, covers a large area or relies on a base station – a licensed radio is a must. Examples of licensed radio system users are taxi companies, hospitals, factories etc. Licensed radios are ten times more powerful than unlicensed ones and give greater clarity not having any interference from other radios. If your company is smaller in scale and you require less range of use, an unlicensed radio may be all you need allowing you to avoid the licensing fee.

How to Get a License?

Licenses are issued by the government agency Ofcom. To attain a license you need to fill out a basic form requested from Crystal Radio Systems Ltd, which asks for your business name, contact details and address. The form needs to be forwarded to Ofcom and a fee of 75GBP will be requested which covers five years.

Where to Get Help Choosing a Radio

It’s always a good idea to get advice from an expert who can assess your operational needs and guide you to the right business radio choice. The team at TwoWay-Radio are always on hand to give advice and help you out anyway they can. Give them a call on 08000286261 to guide you in the right direction.


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