Icom Batteries

Icom Batteries

Who are ICOM?

Two-way radios are very important communication devices, that are still used in several sectors, such as security. ICOM is a design and manufacturing company who have 50 years of experience in creating high quality walkie talkies. These devices are made to give great audio quality, that can withstand day to day use. They have a large range of devices on offer, depending on your specifications.

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A low profile, compact design, the F2000 series comes with features such as built-in motion sensor, water and dust proof casing, and a channel announcement function. Allowing this device to withstand up to 1m depth of water for half an hour.  


The latest iteration in the series, the F29SR replaced the F27SR. It has kept the simplicity, build, and functionality that made the previous version so popular. A perfect professional license free radio, that is compact and lightweight.  


A step forward in the license-free communications market, the F4029SDR is a digital radio that provides digitally modulated clear sound. It also includes the ability for status messages. As this two-way radio uses a digital PMR 446 radio channels, you can change the settings to connect the existing analogue transmission. Transitioning from analogue to digital with one device. 


This IP67 waterproof walkie talkie opens up the possibilities for nationwide two-way radio coverage. For a fixed monthly cost, you can use this devices LTE network capabilities. The way it works is by using an IP based radio, which gives instant communication through press-to-talk or telephone type calls. No need for repeaters! 

What is the purpose of a battery in a two-way radio? 

With most electronic devices, you need a power source in order to use them. As two-way radios are now reliant on their portability, they need a powerful battery, that can go a while between charges. The batteries that come standard in a walkie talkie device are more than serviceable, and have a decent battery life.  

Why should you replace the batteries? 

Batteries don’t last forever, and most ICOM walkie talkie batteries will last up to two years of regular charge. As the battery gets older, the efficacy of the charge diminishes. Where you need to charge the battery more often, and get less time between charges. If you use a walkie talkie for safety on a hike, or need to be in contact with others constantly, you need a battery that can last the day. You can also have a second fully charged battery with you in case of an emergency.  

What batteries are in stock? 

ICOM BP232 LI-ION High-Capacity Battery 

The highest capacity ICOM radio battery replacement for numerous ICOM walkie talkies, the BP232 is compatible with the IC-F14, IC-F15, IC-F16, and many more.  

ICOM BP280 Lith-Ion battery 

Compatible with the F29SR, this ICOM radio battery replacement has a capacity of 2400 mAh and offers up to 18 hours of life between charge.  


With up to 2250 mAh capacity, this ICOM radio battery replacement, is a great solution as a spare, or to replace your existing battery in the T70A, V80, and F4001 walkie talkies.  

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Icom BP232 LI-ION High Capacity Battery

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Beltclip for Icom F27SR (Alligator Style) ..

Icom MB133 Belt Clip

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