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Brand: Hytera Walkie Talkie Products
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The Hytera PD565 is an entry level, affordable digital display radio (available in UHF and VHF frequencies).  It has been ergonomically designed and is light and durable making it ideal for someone on the go.  Rated to IP54 (making the radio splash proof and protected from major dust ingress), this radio operates in both analogue and digital mode, making it an ideal 2-way radio for digital migration. 

Secure communication is available via basic digital encryption and scrambler feature in analogue mode.  The battery life of the radio can be up to 16 hours in digital mode operating in a 5-5-90 cycle, making this radio ideal for use throughout a whole shift. 

The Hytera PD565 comes complete with excellent noise reduction making the radio ideal for noisy environments.  Its compact size makes it easy to carry about.  32 channels allow for multiple departmental users (each department could be assigned their own channel), with the voice encryption making the radio ideal for handling sensitive information, thereby allowing only certain people to hear certain communications.   Ideal for retail, warehousing, education and hotel personnel.


·       Small, sleek, light

·       Long battery life

·       Half keyboard with display

·       Rugged and reliable

·       Secure Communication

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