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What is a commercial walkie talkie?

A commercial walkie talkie is a simple to use two way radio device that allows businesses to communicate efficiently with easy to use features, perfect for employees within industries that require members of a team to be able to respond or request over long stretches without the need to use mobile phones.


Why should you get a commercial walkie talkie?

A commercial walkie talkie has many benefits to a range of businesses. A key feature walkie talkies or business radios have is that they allow for communication two ways, meaning each user to can respond to each other enabling employee’s to get reliable information and reduce mistakes. Specifically, a commercial radio that is licenced which means they’re 10 times more powerful than unlicensed radios and have a much larger range, in addition to this a licenced commercial radio is less likely have interference, which can often cause sound issues or communication problems. Overall, a commercial radio also means that you or your business won’t need to worry about high purchase costs, which you usually would with a traditional mobile phone, especially if your business required every employee to have one.


How does a commercial walkie talkie work?

commercial two way radio works in the same way the normal walkie talkie would and consists of a portable, battery powered radio which can communicate with another radio on the same frequency known as a ‘channel’. The in-built mic allows the user to communicate as well as hear the other radio. Commercial walkie talkies are set to frequencies that the company or business must abide by which is set in a licence.


Who can use a commercial walkie talkie?

Commercial walkie talkies are used by many industries, including night club and bar security, who require fast communication because they work in a possible high risk area with many different sections. Similarly, event teams will often benefit from walkie talkies due to the scale of many even venues or locations meaning members of the team can be in a range of locations yet will still be able to communicate with each other when the event is running.


What can we offer?

Many commercial walkie talkies feature accessories such as headsets, earpieces and holders all of which are a convenient way to increase comfortability when using the radios. These will also allow for the user to be able to communicate whilst remaining hands free.  To view the range of commercial walkie talkies, recreational walkie talkie and industrial walkie talkies that crystal radio suppliers offer, take a look at the business radio tabs and discover the array of products that are sure to suit the needs or you or your team.


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