Two-way-Radio Earpieces Guide

Here at two-way radio, we supply a number of different earpieces, to help you find the right fit and design for you. Many of our products can be fitted to various radios, so let us know what device you have in mind, to ensure we provide the right connectors, where possible.

D Shape Earpiece With Microphone

This earpiece is recognisable by its distinctive D shape, which helps securely hold it within the ear. This equipment also comes with an attached microphone, so you can use it with various radios for two-way communication.

D Shaped Earpiece For Vertex / Yaesu

Another earpiece with a distinctive D shape design, this item is designed for use with Yaesu and Vertex – specifically, the Vertex VX231 and VS241 radios – as these products require a particular single pin connector at a 990-degreeangle.

Clear Acousting Tube Earpiece With Microphone

As the name suggests, this product uses a clear acousting tube for a more subtle design. It also has an earpiece with earbuds, to fit inside the ear, alongside an inline microphone for a neat, tidy communication aid. See product page here

Clear Acousting Tube Earpiece With Microphone for DP3400, DP3600 and DP4000 Multipin

If you’re looking for an earpiece that fits more particular products, you need this clear acousting tube with multipin support. Specifically, this earpiece and microphone accessory can fit Motorola’s DP3400, DP3600 and DP4000 radio products.

Cobra Covert Two Wire Acoustic Tube Earpiece Microphone

This is another acousting tube earpiece designed for specific products: namely, the Cobra MT600, MT800, MT645 and MT975 radio handsets. This design also includes a microphone with push to talk (PTT) functionality, enabling clear communication.

Two wire clear acoustic tube earpiece with PTT microphone

This is earpiece is specifically designed with a multipin, for use on Motorola’s DP3400, DP3600 and DP4000 radio products. However, unlike the clear acousting tube, this device also features a push to talk microphone.

G Shape Earpiece Microphone

Many people may prefer the G shape to the D shape, as it doesn’t completely surround the ear. This particular product includes a clip-on microphone and can be used with a wide variety of radio products.

Headset for Motorola Leisure Radios

This headset offers high quality for popular Motorola radios – from the T6 to the XTB – and includes a single pin headset and a boom mic, offering high quality audio at all times. The headset also offers PTT functionality, for better control.

Hytera Earpieces

Hytera EHM19 C Shape earpiece and PTT microphone

This is a PTT microphone designed for use with Hyera’s PD405, PD400 and PD500 radios. The C shape earpiece fits comfortable on the ear.

Hytera EHS16 C shape earpiece with microphone

Similar to the EHM19, this is another C shape earpiece for use with Hyera’s PD365, PD355LF and PD365LF.

Speaker Microphone

This is a classic design, using a combined speaker and microphone unit that works in the typical audio slot, offering an alternative to traditional earpieces on many radios.

Vertex Noise Cancelling Speaker microphone

Another speaker microphone, Vertex’s product offers additional noise cancelling support and volume control.

Headband Headset

If you want a more traditional headset, this headband fits over the head, offering both a speaker and a microphone. We also offer single pin headbands for use with Vertex’s VX231, VX351 and VX241.

Earbud Microphone

Another classic design, this unit combines a discrete earbud with a small microphone, complete with PTT functionality.

Peltor Headset

This headset is for people who appreciate superb audio quality. The two speakers provide excellent protection against background noise, while the microphone also has noise compensation technology, as well as a PTT button.