Radio Hire

We have an extensive range of two way radio and walkie talkie products, available for short term hire and long term rental.
Price is dependent on quantity of radios required  / duration of hire. Please call for a competitive quote 0800 028 6261.

Delivered next day to any location within mainland Britain, our leading brand equipment reaches you fully serviced, fully operational, and to your complete satisfaction.
For help, information, or to place an order, call our hire department on freephone 0800 028 6261 or complete our contact form.
We have the latest most up to date licensed radios in our hire fleet.
All radio packages include a rapid 1 hour charger, cases, clips and appropriate Licence, together with a choice of a full range of accessories including Headsets, Speaker  Microphones, Ear pieces, and Cases.
Why Companies Rent from Crystal
Major companies all across the United Kingdom rent two way radios from Crystal. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • UK’s fastest growing radio communications company estd. 1999
  • Solutions for every company and every budget
  • Huge rental inventory with state of the art technology
  • Next day delivery at competitive prices
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rates available
  • Nationwide delivery
  • All equipment tested by qualified engineers
  • 24 hour access to rental representative
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Office based centrally in the Midlands
  • Authorised by Ofcom to rent radio equipment
  • Match your fleet or stand alone on hire frequencies
  • Full Line Sales, Service and Rental of leading brands

There are a number of other reasons and uses for hiring a walkie talkie from us, which can be found on our hire uses page.

For help, information, or to place an order, call our hire department on freephone 0800 028 6261 or complete our contact form.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Radio Hire

If you’ve never considered the benefits of two way radio hire, let’s explore what this equipment has to offer – as well as why you should consider rentals over purchases.

What Are Walkie Talkies?

Walkie talkies are, in essence, two way radios. Traditional radio systems work one-way: a ‘station’ broadcasts over a frequency which can be picked up by various receivers. Walkie talkies, on the other hand, allow for multiple devices to transmit and receive on the same frequency.

Over the years, the technology has improved greatly, increasing the reception distance and the number of devices able to be used at once. It’s this constant improvement with modern technology that has ensured walkie talkie rentals are still a very common occurrence, even today.

Why Would You Want To Hire Them?

There are many situations when you need to hire walkie talkies, yet don’t want to invest in owning the set yourself. Events, for instance, are a prime example. If you need to cover large areas of ground, but want to be able to directly contact other people and departments, walkie talkies are great for this.

Why? Because they allow for short-range communication via transmissions. You’re not relying on mobile phone signals or a clear reception line. Communication is near direct. This is one of the reasons such radio equipment hire is appreciated by security workers.

Other alternatives include camping, for example, where a phone signal isn’t always guaranteed. This ensures people can always get in contact with each other if they get lost or separated from the group.

The benefits are obvious. Individuals can use them for those rare occasions they are needed, whereas companies can hire two way radios to suit their needs on an individual basis. Some events may require a larger number of devices, or a radio with a longer range, while others will not.

Where Can You Hire Walkie Talkies?

While 2 way radio hire services are still found in the UK, it’s best to go to a direct specialist. This is because many high street options only stock a basic range: while this will be suitable for many smaller needs, it’s still better to go to someone who can recommended the exact product for your situation, out of a wider range of brands and devices.

Twoway-Radio, are one of the best radio hire and rental suppliers in the UK. Online services are more accessible to everyone and the larger range makes these walkie talkies suitable for a wider range of uses and purposes.

So, the next time you might need such a radio device, but only need it for a short period, don’t buy one! You’ll often find that a walkie talkie hire is significantly cheaper, and you can get exactly the right radio for your needs!

For help, information, or to place an order, call our hire department on freephone 0800 028 6261 or complete our contact form.