Our Frequent Questions

1.What is the range of the radios?

The range of radios is entirely dependent on where they are used and whether there are any obstructions such as hills, buildings, dense woodland etc. between the radios. All radios are capable of working over several miles providing there is good line of sight but the range will be reduced by any obstructions. Some manufacturers quote approximate ranges of 2, 5 or even 10km but this is just a marketing ploy and these distances refer to ideal operating conditions which should be regarded as a guide only and cannot be guaranteed.  All unlicensed radios are set at EXACTLY the same output power at 0 .5 Watt by law, so you would expect to see no difference in performance between a 2km or a 10km quoted radio. Licenced radios at 5.0 Watts are 10 times more powerful  than unlicenced radios, therefore you will get better coverage and reception.

2. Can radios bought in other countries be used in the UK

Many radios offered for sale on the internet are North American models which are highly illegal when used in this country, these frequencies are monitored by Ofcom who will impose heavy fines and confiscate equipment.

3.How many radios can talk to one another?

The minimum number is two and there is no maximum limit, providing the radios are within range of one another and all radios are using the same channel.

4.Can I use this type of equipment in other countries?

All unlicensed radios sold in the UK, come under the PMR446 banner which is recognised in most European countries. This type of equipment is not permitted for usage outside of Europe.

5.What is the typical battery life?

Dependent on usage the typical battery life of a licenced radio battery is 8 - 12 hours. Leisure radio batteries, dependent on usage, will be anything from 3 - 6  hours.

6.What is the delivery time?

We use various courier companies (where signatures are required) dependent on type of equipment ordered and geograpically where the order is originated. Deadline for next working day delivery is 1.30pm. If you need to know if the product you require is available for next day delivery please contact us.
Carriage quoted on all online orders is for UK Mainland post codes only and NOT Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands/Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Scilly, or overseas (eg. Ireland , France etc). If you would like a quote for carriage for any of these destinations please email or call, telling us what product is required, quantity, and the postcode or country where shipping is required and we will endeavour to get the best carriage cost for you. 

7. Difference between models

A full description of all the different models can be found on the online shop. By clicking on each individual product you can then view a full product description as well as scrolling down to see what accessories are available to fit and use inconjunction with that particular product. If in any doubt please call us for advice.