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Crystal Radio Systems are proud to launch digital two-way radios into our product portfolio. Digital two way radios are really the next generation of two-way radio communication and are designed for businesses and individuals who demand the highest quality communications available.  Analogue radio systems are here to stay and are perfect for the majority of radio users however if you wish to go that step further and improve audio quality and functionality then digital radios should be considered. If you would like a demonstration or to discuss the benefits of digital radio equipment then please contact our sales department on 0800 028 6261. Alternatively check out our FAQ's here.

What is Digital Radio?

Digital Radio has come as an advanced version of analogue Radio. Digital radios transmit and receive signals as numbers. The good thing about digital Radio is that it reduces many imperfections of analogue Radio. For instance, with its advanced features, digital Radio has enhanced effective communication. Another significant improvement is the quality of audio. In a clear departure from analogue, the Digital radio eliminates background noise through its advanced algorithm. They also come in different sizes including the small digital radio.

What is the Difference between a Digital and Analogue radio?

Digital Radio has revolutionised the way people communicate and improved the user's experience. Several differences exist between digital Radio and analogue Radio. These include:

Clear Signals

Noises affect communication, especially when you don't have a way to control the sources of noise. With the best digital two way radios, you are assured of clear communication. Digital Radio eliminates noise, and in a case where there is a weak signal, you will still enjoy your conversations. On the other hand, analogue Radio does have this feature, thus, affecting communication.

Increased Coverage

Compared to analogue Radio, digital radios have increased coverage exceeding the capacity of standard radios by 20%. This is made possible as digital Radio can correct errors in the case of weak transmissions.

Secure Transmission

Digital radios offer encryption technologies to secure users, a feature that analogue radios lack.


The best digital two way radio range beats analogue Radio for its enhanced functionality. For instance, digital Radio enables caller ID, GPS tracking, and IP ratings.

How would you need to use a digital radio? What is its purpose?

Digital radios can be used in a wide range of services. This includes different business sectors and individuals who require quality communication.

What are the ranges of digital radios?

Digital radio frequency ranges include:




- 3FS/2 - 2FS

- 2FS - 5FS/2

What Are the Advantages of a Digital Radio?

-Multiple conversations on a single channel

-Spectrally efficient, although channel allocations are dependent on the system

-Advanced text messaging, unit ID, and status buttons

-Reduced bandwidth consumption

-The ability to transmit digital signals through the antennae system and existing infrastructure

-Advanced algorithms to reduce background noise

-Availability of new software applications

-You can use both digital and analogue radios simultaneously

What Are the Disadvantages of a Digital Radio?

-Beginners may take time before learning how to use a digital radio

-Too much noise cause signals to drop in error

-Being an advanced radio, digital radios are quite expensive

Why should the customer use Two-way Radio to buy their digital radios?

Are you considering switching from the archaic analogue to digital Radio? Purchasing two way digital radios is the ideal solution. Two-way Radio has all your digital radio needs covered. Two-way Radio is a trusted supplier of walkie talkie, digital walkie talkies and digital walkie talkie radio. Kindly reach out to us for any questions and concerns.

Our contact mobile number is  01527 872 777. Place your order today. We also offer digital two way radios for sale and the Motorola digital two way radios. Feel free to reach us if you may require a demonstration of the operation of digital radio. We will help you deal with all difficulties and teething problems.

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