Speaker Microphone


Clear acoustic tube earpiece with microphone for DP3400, DP3600 and DP4000 multi pin

Vertex Noise Cancelling Speaker microphone MH45B4B

Brand: Vertex Walkie Talkies and other products
Product Code: Vertex MH45B4B
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£50.00 Ex. VAT
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The Vertex MH45B4B Noise Cancelling speaker intrinsically safe mic is ideal for use for noisy enviroments, it is also durable, robust and water resistant so ideal for use indoors or outside. It has excellent audio quality with volume control  switch and is an ideal choice for users that do not want or cannot use earpieces in the workplace or outdoors but need the radio sound to be nearer the ear as oppsed to hearing contact transmittions from belt level (Eg;- so can hear louder as speaker mic is positioned higher up on top pocket.) It also removes the need to keep lifting the radio off the users belt as the speaker mic has a push to talk button on the speaker handset,


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