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Motorola R2 Digital Two Way Radio

Brand: Motorola Walkie Talkie Products
Product Code: Motorola R2 Two Way Radio
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The Motorola R2 is a durable and ergonomic workhorse that provides confident and easy handling. Its superior range, configurable audio and seamless integration make it a reliable tool for an uninterrupted workday. You can use it with confidence, block out noise and integrate it seamlessly.

The MOTOTRBO R2 is built to withstand diverse work environments, featuring an IP55 rating and meeting MIL-STD-810 requirements across 11 environmental conditions. You can use it with confidence in dusty factories, wet landscaping and other tough conditions, even while wearing gloves. Its durability is designed to survive the bumps and bruises of an active workday, providing quick and confident communication whenever and wherever you need it.

The Motorola R2 utilises the same 2-pin connector as the Motorola DP1400/CP040, which allows for the use of all the same audio accessories. Additionally, the R2 shares the same chargers as DP1400.

Includes : Radio, Battery, Belt Clip, Desktop Charger and Antenna.

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