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Kenwood KSC356 Sixway Charger

6-Way Multiple Charger for Kenwood radios Batteries can also be ch..

Kenwood TK 3501 (Web Special Offer) Two Way Radio

The Kenwood TK 3501 analogue Protalk 446 radio is a brand new hand-portable to replace th..

Kenwood TK3301 (With G Shape Earpiece/Microphone)

Discontinued model, no more stock left. This radio has been replaced by the Kenwood TK3501 which is ..

Kenwood KNB - 53 Battery Pack

KNB-53 - 1400mAh NiMH battery for the TK-3201, TK-2202 and TK-3202 Kenwood radios. ..

Kenwood KNB-45L (Lithium Ion Battery Pack)

Li-Ion Battery 7.2V, 2000mAh  (for use with Kenwood TK3301) ..

Kenwood KSC 35T (Single Rapid Charger)

Single Unit Rapid Charger ..

Kenwood KVC-22W TK3501 In Vehicle charger lead and charger base mounting kit

Kenwood KVC-22W in vehicle charger lead and charger base mounting kit (includes associated fixings)...

Kenwood KBH-18 Belt Clip

Kenwood KBH-18 Belt Clip (for use in conjunction with KNB-63 Lith-Ion battery pack supplied with t..

Kenwood KLH-131 Nylon Case

Kenwood KLH-131 Nylon Case specifically to fit the Kenwood TK3401 Analogue/Digital unlicensed&..
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