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Kenwood KSC356 Sixway Charger

Kenwood KSC356 sixway charger unit. 6-Way Multiple Charger for Kenwood Professional R..

Kenwood TK 3501 (Web Special Offer) Two Way Radio

  PRICE PROMISE We are confident that should you find any price online that is lowe..

Kenwood TK3301 (With G Shape Earpiece/Microphone)

  *** Discontinued model, no more stock left. This radio as been replaced by the Kenwood TK3..

Kenwood KNB - 53 Battery Pack

KNB-53 - 1400mAh NiMH battery for the TK-3201, TK-2202 and TK-3202 Kenwood radios. Th..

Kenwood KNB-45L (Lithium Ion Battery Pack)

Li-Ion Battery 7.2V, 2000mAh  (for use with Kenwood TK3301) ..

Kenwood KSC 35T (Single Rapid Charger)

Single Unit Rapid Charger ..

Kenwood KVC-22W TK3501 In Vehicle charger lead and charger base mounting kit

Kenwood KVC-22W In vechicle charger lead and charger base mounting kit (includes associate..

Kenwood KBH-18 Belt Clip

Kenwood KBH-18 Belt Clip (for use inconjunction with KNB-63 Lith-Ion battery pack supplied with the ..

Kenwood KLH-131 Nylon Case

Kenwood KLH-131 Nylon Case specifically to fit the Kenwood TK3401 Analogue/Digital unlicenced&n..
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