About Binatone Walkie Talkie

The binatone walkie talkie is a product of the Binatone Company. They are of different forms with different features. Binatone started its operation back in 1958 and was founded in United Kingdom. It was co-owned by two brothers and it was based on distributing consumer electronics. They started importing radio transmitters in UK and they grew over time into a wide selection of products that were audio. They included clock radios, audio towers, world receivers and cassette players. In 1974 they entered in the TV games field. They then ventured in the production of walkie talkie.

Binatone 100 Walkie Talkie

It is a product that is fun and simple to use. The Binatine 100, sometimes know as Binatone 100 latitude, offers free communication for people in a distance difference of up to 2 Miles (3 kilometres). Hence they are ideal for uses such as skiing, camping, outdoor activities and talking to children while in the parks. They are simple and convenient to use as they have a moulded grip. It comes with a clip belt to enable easier storage especially when on the move. It has 8 channels for communication, warning for low battery, volume control that is adjustable and a san function that helps the user to search for other channels.

Binatone 150 walkie talkie

It has the same features as the 100 walkie talkie but the Binatone 150 has a greater transmit power. They are set for outdoor activities and one can have connection for free without worrying for payments. They cover a range of up to 3.1 Miles (5 kilometres). They are also easy to use and come with the auto search feature which also include the volume adjustment feature. They come in different colours and you can pick one that is best for your child.

Binatone camo walkie talkie

It also has same features like the 100 and 150 walkie talkie. It is entertaining to use it, allows you to have lots of fun, there is great value for your money. It is realistic and it is quite durable. It has different uses; it can be used in imaginative play, during all outdoors activities, can be used during family times, when people have group activities and be used for some indoor activities taking place in different positions.

Binatone pink walkie talkie

It is no different from the others above. It is pink in colour mostly likeable by you girls. It can do well as a present for a child. Covers a 1.86 Miles (3 kilometres) range, with 89 hours battery life and it is rechargeable. It has zero call tones and it has a volume control feature.


With its continuous evolution into different walkie talkies, binatone walkie talkies have captured a very big market share in United Kingdom. It has turned around the communication and radio networks. It is easier for everybody who has it to communicate effectively. Above all the binatone walkie talkies are very affordable and the distributors offer a delivery service to your convenience. The two way radios have an improved range of communication and they have security codes. This makes them even safer than we expect.