Motorola T82 Extreme (Twin Pack) Walkie Talkies


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Motorola T82 Extreme (Quad Pack) Walkie Talkies

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Motorola T82 Extreme (Quad Pack) Walkie Talkies

 * Please note: we do not recommend these radios for business usage, only leisure / recreational use. Call for more details

The Motorola T82 Extreme walkie talkies are rugged and waterproof with an IPX4 rating and a hidden screen that will light up when you need it, making it easy to navigate through the menu. They are ideal for intensive use in extreme environments. In addition they have all the functionalities that any modern company needs in its communications.

Thanks to the PMR446 standard, the Motorola T82 is compatible with all PMR446 walkie talkies and benefits from free calls over a distance of up to 10km to ensure you stay connected (entirely dependent on terrain where being used). In addition, it does not require a license and its simplicity of use, as well as its technical characteristics, make it indispensable for use in different professional fields, such as receptions, large areas, hotels, restaurants, security, or airports.

It is also equipped with a very useful LED flashlight for professionals working at night. It is suitable for intensive use both indoors and outdoors.

This version has the vibration alert function to work without disturbing others and the iVox function, with which you can enjoy automatic activation by voice and hands-free.

Compatible with other PMR446 walkie talkies


·       Ultra-equipped: delivered with accessories and carrying case

·       Identification of caller groups and caller ID

·       Scope of up to 10km (open field)

·       IVox function

·       PMR446: free use without license

·       IPX4 standard

·       Hands free

·       Vibrate function

·       Built-in flashlight

·       18 hours battery life

·       16 channels and 121 privacy codes

·       Automatic channel switching

·       Low battery warning

·       Key lock

·       Hidden screen display

·       20 call tones

·       Intelligent accessories: headphones, guard kit, micro speaker

·       Jack input 2.5mm

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