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Icom F5100/F6100 (Repeater Unit)

Hytera TC700 Ex (Atex Radio)

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Intrinsically safe – Radios for use in the potentially explosive environments of oil and gas installations, such as tankers or drilling platforms, or in gas-laden atmospheres encountered by the emergency services must be designed and constructed to be totally safe. Hytera’s ATEX-approved professional portable radios give team members instant access to one or many colleagues at the touch of a button, without compromising safety, and allow constant contact should a critical situation need resolving. Safety Check: Should the user not respond to a safety check signal then a defined emergency procedure is activated. Additional safety features include a specially designed structure that prevents the battery and radio unit from accidental separation, preventing hazard results.


·       Protection – Encapsulation (Casting Compound). Prevents the ignition of the surrounding explosive atmosphere.

·       Productivity – A rechargeable 1700mAh Li-Ion Ex-battery provides up to 14 hours of use, more than enough for a standard work shift.

·       Customizable

·       Safety

·       Built-in Scrambler

·       Channel Annunciation

·       Power on Self-Test

·       Battery Power Indicator

·       Embedded Message & Serial Number

·       Auto Contact

·       Stun/Kill & Revive

·       2-Tone/5-Tone Encode & Decode

·       DTMF Encode

Product Package: 

·       Radio

·       Antenna

·       Li-ion Battery

·       Belt clip & strap

·       User Manual


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