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Icom BC - 193 (Single Unit Rapid Charger for F27SR / F3002 / F4002)

Rapid Desktop Charger for Lithium - Ion Battery BP265 (Single Unit Rapid Charger for F27SR ..

Icom BC160 Desktop Rapid Charger

Desktop Rapid Charging Unit for F15/25 & F25SR ..

Icom BP232 LI-ION High Capacity Battery

Lithium Ion Battery Pack ..

icom F2000 Long antenna

Icom F2000 Long ‘Whippy’ Antenna ..

Icom F2000 Stubby antenna

Icom stubby antenna for F2000 handset ..


Icom BC121Rapid sixway charger, compatible with Icom business radios. ..

Icom BP265

7.4V/1900mAh 2000mAh Li-Ion battery ..

Icom F2000D (Digital Radio) Waterproof

The Icom IC-F1000D/F2000D series is a new range of compact, waterproof digital two way radios from I..

Icom MB130 in vehicle mounting base

Icom MB130 base mount for use with the BC213 rapid single charger supplied with the Icom F29SR , F1..

Icom F29SR (Waterproof)

Icom F29SR (Waterproof)  Replaces the Icom F27SR The IC-F29SR is the latest profession..

Icom F51(Waterproof)

Tough, compact & lightweight.  Easy to use.Built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS W..

Icom F51/61 ATEX Radio

Icom is pleased to introduce the new ATEX versions of the IC-F51 and F61, conforming to the 94/9/E..

Icom HM158L Speaker Microphone

Icom HM158L Compact Speaker Microphone ..

Icom F4029SDR

A new era in licence-free communication. Icom proudly announces the debut of a new category of..

Icom F5100/F6100 (Repeater Unit)

 Introducing the IC-FR5100/IC-FR6100 digital/analogue repeater series. The IC-FR5100/IC-FR6100..


Why settle for short range? Switch to the Icom IP501H LTE radio and get nationwide two way radio co..

Icom SRP Repeater

Icom is pleased to announce new versions of its cost effective 2 way repeater series. The SRP Repe..
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