Everyone likes a bargain, but sometimes the cheapest walkie talkies are not what they seem to be. Buying or hiring from a reputable dealer can help you to sort out the genuine from the fake, and a quality brand might not be as expensive as you think.

Cheap walkie talkies

Knock-offs and fake walkie talkies and two way radios can be dangerous, and are often hard to spot. Fake-branded radios and walkie talkies may come with batteries or chargers that are a fire-hazard, and could stop working at critical moments.

You also need to ensure that your walkie talkie operates at a frequency that is authorised for use in your country and area and which will not interfere with emergency radio frequencies. This is a problem for so-called 'grey imports', where you may try to purchase a cheap walkie talkie from overseas (there are also further issues with warranties and repairs).

Leisure walkie talkies, also called 'PMR446' radios because of their frequencies, are available for surprisingly low prices and you won't need to pay the costs of a licence unless you specifically choose to buy a model that transmits over longer distances and over certain frequencies. These are the cheapest walkie talkies you will find and may come with a variety of styles and accessories, such as chargers, carrying cases, and ear-pieces. Because they operate on a limited range of license free channels, you can buy as many handsets as you like and these will be inter-operable.

If you are looking for a cheap business radio, you can find licence-free business radios, which are suitable for use in certain conditions using the PMR446 frequencies, or you can hire a business walkie talkie and use a Business Radio Suppliers' licence. For these rentals, there are discounts available depending on the quantity and duration of the hire.

Crystal Radio Systems Ltd.

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of Two-way Radios and walkie talkies, we source the best-value models of walkie talkies from the UK or the EU. All the models we supply come with a manufacturer's warranty. We are a main dealer for leading brands including Motorola, Kenwood, Vitai, Hytera, and Icom, we will make sure that we won't be beaten on price.

All our rental two way radios and walkie talkies are tested by qualified engineers. You can even hire them for short periods such as for functions and events. Talk to us today about our genuine brand cheap two way radios. For licensed radios, including handportables, mobiles and repeater base stations, Crystal is able to assist with all aspects of licence application.

Price Promise

We will match or beat the price for any genuine like-for-like (not including 'grey imports') walkie talkies. Please send a link or contact us with details of our competitor's prices along with your contact details and we will verify the price and contact you.

Our highly trained team will be able to advise you on how to choose a cheap walkie talkie to suit your needs, and we provide next day delivery.