Hire Uses of Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios (walkie-talkies) have been a vital tool for business for many decades, they can allow you to quickly and freely communicate with your staff across a wide area. With the latest innovations in radio technology on-site communication has never been easier. 
There are a number of reasons you may wish to use two-way radio, here are just a few potential uses:


Whatever event you are managing from a charity marathon, exhibition, horse show or any other event,  large or small, the ability to communicate quickly with your team is vital. Communication is a major health and safety and logistic requirement. Two-way radios allow you to communicate with marshalls and staff across a large area. Minimum training is required with a simple ‘push to talk’ and no need to have telephone numbers or contact lists you can instantly get a message to an individual or a whole team. 


The use of radio in the security industry is well known, allowing guards to call instantly for assistance or to communicate both with their team or control rapidly. Business radios offer a level of reliability and long battery life which is essential to ensure you and your team are always ready and are available with covert earpieces or other accessories to support their use.


Two-way radios are more robust than mobile phones and can be used without removing your gloves or PPE. Quickly get in touch with colleagues, safely marshall heavy plant or equipment and coordinate your site easily and safely. 

Guides and Expedition Leaders

You can maintain safety and communicate back to base easily across a wide area. Two-way radios allow you to maintain contact with your group and fellow guides and call for assistance if required.

Two-way radios are perfect for any application when you need to keep in contact with individuals or teams of people. Their major advantages over mobile phones is their ease of use, robustness and long battery life. Hire units will be dispatched setup and licensed for your location and will be ready to use out of the box.
Hiring two-way radios allows you to have the latest, state of the art equipment when you need it, order today and have radios on site the next day. Hiring allows you to ensure you always have the right equipment available without any worries about repairs, servicing or capital cost. You only pay for equipment you need, when you need it and can add to or reduce the number of radios as you require. Hire radios are delivered with all licensing and Ofcom approval managed on your behalf so there is no additional administration or hassle.
The radios supplied are robust with a long battery life so you can use them all-day without worrying about recharging. Business radios are ten times more powerful than unlicensed consumer walkie-talkies you can purchase, giving you clear transmission over a considerably wider area. Two-way radios can be set to a number of channels which allow you to communicate with individuals or groups easily.