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Vitai 8800 + G Shape Earpiece/Microphone

Introducing the VITAI 8800. Our smallest two way radio, the VITAI 8800 is packed with features. Desi..

Vitai VDG-360 Antenna

Vitai VDG-360 Antenna..

Vitai VDG-360 Battery Pack

1500 mah lithium ion battery pack..

Vitai VDG-360 Beltclip

Vitai VDG-360 belt clip..

Vitai VDG-360 Channel Knob

Vitai VDG-360 Channel Knob..

Vitai VDG-360 Desktop Charger

Vitai VDG-360 desktop charger including mains adaptor..

Vitai VDG-360 Digital Radio + G Shape Earpiece/Mic (3 Year Warranty)

3 YEAR WARRANTY!   Vitai VDG-360 is the latest addition to our digital range of radios.&..

Vitai VDG-360 Volume On/Off Knob

Vitai VDG-360 Volume On/Off Knob..

Vitai Volume on/off knob VT8800

Vitai VT8800 volume on/off knob ..

Vitai VT8800 Channel Knob

Channel knob for Vitai VT8800 radio ..

Vitai VT9900 Lith-Ion battery pack

Lith-Ion battery pack for the Vitai VT9900..

Vitai Antenna

Vitai UHF antenna for Vitai VT8800 radio ..

Vitai VT9900 Antenna

Vitai UHF Antenna for Vitai VT9900 radio ..

Vitai 9900

This radio is rugged with a large speaker ensuring excellent sound quality. It comes compl..

Vitai 9900 Six Pack Two Way Radio

Vitai 9900 Six Pack (Special Offer) This radio is rugged with a large speaker ensuring excellen..
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