Walkie Talkies for Children

These walkie talkies are ideal for all types of children's activities – from playing in the house and garden, to holidays and days out at theme parks. These can be a first step towards inexpensive two-way communication before providing children with their own mobile phones, or actually an end in themselves for the surprising number of games they can inspire. You can choose the model according to the transmission range, whether its for indoor or or outdoor use, the volume and channel specifications, and the handset size and durability.

One important decision is whether you require one of the higher-spec encrypted models, which will prevent anyone being able to receive or transmit to your walkie talkies without the same encryption. Many of the children's models are unencrypted but offer a variety of channels which means you can simply change the channel if you pick up unwelcome noise – and you'd also need to be in range. On the plus side, these models will allow you to add more handsets if you need to add them (the encrypted models will only allow two-way communication if you buy them in pairs or other multiples).

The different models also offer different battery duration and recharging options, optional extras like headphones and carrying cases, and styles that will make them fun and engaging to use. All our children's walkie talkies come with a one-year warranty and are chosen for their performance. We offer a range of delivery options on our walkie talkies for children and we won't be beaten on price. Just get in touch to find out which is the right model for you and your family – we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Other varieties

There are a number of fun, girly models, including Barbie and Hello Kitty. For older children you may need to think about increasing the transmission range (which can extend from one to 40 miles or more!) and in this case the Discovery Channel walkie talkies could be for you.

There are many attractive and simple designs available for younger kids and toddlers – which can help, for instance, if they would like to stay in touch at night.

Looking the part is an important part of children's games. With our range of superhero and adventure walkie talkies, younger children will find all sorts of games to play. You may like to choose a military-style wrist watch model to help your children get into the role.

Our range of children's walkie talkies includes many favourite characters, from Lego to Disney and many superhero walkie talkies. For certain adventures you will need the most durable designs.

Walkie talkies for babies and toddlers

  • Disney walkie talkies

  • Super hero walkie talkies

  • Doll walkie talkies

  • Spy walkie talkies

  • Barbie walkie talkies

  • Army walkie talkies

  • Lego walkie talkies

  • Hello Kitty walkie talkies

  • TV character walkie talkies

  • Discovery channel walkie talkies

  • Science museum walkie talkies

  • Nerf walkie talkies

  • National geographic walkie talkies

Walkie talkie games

Walkie talkies can make all sorts of games more fun – here are just a few ideas. For hide and seek or scavenger hunts over a bigger area, the walkie talkies can be used to give out clues or items to find. Younger children can also use their walkie talkies in role playing activities such as cops and robbers, spies, pirates, or space ships – you'll be surprised by how much fun they can provide. They can be useful on group hikes for giving out instructions. For older children, walkie talkies can be used to teach morse code or the phonetic alphabet.