The usefulness and versatility of a walkie-talkie and headset mean its benefits can be more than valuable to you or your business. A two-way radio with headset allows for communication between devices, therefore making it possible to pass information back and forth to others. The headset consists of a microphone and light weight headphones. The comfortable head band is placed on top of the user’s head, whilst the microphone sits in front of the wearer's mouth, this is then attached to one of the compatible walkie-talkies, allowing for the user to engage in hands-free communication. Crystal Radio Ltd offers leading brands that vary in price, taste and specification to suit the needs of almost any user or business, including high-end or cheaper walkie-talkies and accessories.

Our midlands based company also offers next day delivery and responsive and experienced staff that can help to guide you through the process of choosing your desired walkie-talkie and headset.

How do two-way radios and head sets work?

A two-way radio means a signal can be both transmitted and received, therefore allowing the user to hear information given by the other user and is also able to communicate information to the other using them too. The headset is where the microphone and headphones are situated, resulting in the user being able to multi-task and have full use of their hands whilst still communicating.

Why would you use a two-way walkie-talkie headset?

A walkie-talkie with a headset can be used in a wide range of situations, may that be in the workplace or for recreational use. Many examples of two-way radio use is in the event and customer service industry, as they create hands free and discreet way to allow members of staff across large venues and locations to communicate timings, information and other useful knowledge throughout the day or event. Other examples include the security sector, meaning two-way radios with headsets are almost crucial when it comes to jobs such as security which require fast communication to help with possible compromising situations. On the other hand, recreational use of walkie-talkies with headsets has become much more popular for families or friends who would want to enjoy exploration or orienteering in outdoor areas or woodland with the safety and insurance of leisure radios or a 2-way radio with headsets.

Crystal radio Ltd is not only the leading Radio and headset dealer for all leading manufacturers and guarantees a full manufacturers warranty on all products, they pride themselves on customer satisfaction and can offer a wide range of information on all products. This includes a walkie-talkie guide page and an accessible contact line found on the contact us page.

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