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The DP405 is a digital two-way radio from Kirisun. A channel capacity of 256 split across 16 zones each with 16 channels allows for sufficient communications within a large work force. The 16 zones allow for each area of a business to be allotted their own zone, this meaning that sectors of the business will be able to talk without interruption from unwanted communications elsewhere on the facility. The DP405 is available for use with both UHF and VHF frequencies meaning that it is ideal for use in both large open spaces and built up cities.

A compact size means that the DP405 will fit comfortably in the palm of the users hand. Standing at just 116mm in height, 54mm in width and 31mm in depth whilst weighing just 275g, this meaning that the radio causes little strain to the operator when carried using a belt clip or wrist strap. The DP405 comes as standard with a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery, this allows for up to 16 hours of use when used conservatively meaning that it is more than capable of lasting a full working shift.

There are many features that the user of a DP405 can make use of to help with usability and safety. An emergency call is possible meaning that should the user be in danger whilst working contacting their co-workers is the press of a button away, this allows for fast response time from co-workers should your safety or security be breached. The DP405 also has the ability to perform Lone Worker feature. Should a radio be inactive for a pre-set period of time then an alarm will sound, if not responded to, an alert will be sent of highest priority to other radios within the network to alert them that the user may be in trouble. Lone Worker is also an optional feature.

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