The best walkie-talkie for children

As children grow, so does their need for space and independence. Walkie-talkies allow us to deliver a sense of freedom and independence to our children whilst keeping them safe. Also referred to as “two-way radios”, they are ideal for when kids are playing in the garden or perhaps heading to the park. They can also provide an affordable and safer alternative to smartphones, and the low costs attached to them mean loss or damage don’t need to be such expensive problems.

An alternative to a smartphone

Walkie-talkies offer a valuable solution when your child is not ready for a mobile phone or when you’re staying in a network with limited network coverage. They can be used in a variety of social events and occasions, including visits to theme parks, camping trips, festivals, conducting errands such as visiting shops, playing with friends and many more.

Battery options

Most entry-level walkie-talkies are powered by replaceable batteries, with higher-end models coming with rechargeable cells. You will need to remember to charge the devices fully if you opt for the latter. It’s also wise to opt for radios that are easy to operate and have a simple interface, especially when emergency scenarios are considered. Some older walkie talkies are switched on with a button, though many modern models power up when they detect speech.

Choosing the right system

Weight is another important factor when you are choosing walkie talkies for children, so make sure you opt for a device that is easy for them to carry. It will also need to be robust enough to withstand typical kid’s play as well as the great British weather. Brightly-coloured devices can be ideal as they are less likely to be lost. You shouldn’t normally require a range of over 3km, though you may need to opt for something more powerful than this if you live in a hilly or built-up environment. You will also need to ensure the devices you and your child are using are all tuned to the same channel so you can talk to each other.

Motorola T41

The Motorola T41 two-way radios come as a twin-pack and are amongst our most popular walkie-talkies for families. The devices have eight channels and weigh 74g excluding batteries, offering a range of up to 4km. Featuring an LCD display, belt clips and battery level indicator, they offer 500mW transmission power, auto squelch, channel monitor and scanning capabilities.

Why Two Way Radio?

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