When it comes to walkie talkies, radios and other communicative devices, few companies have made as strong a contribution as Cobra. Established in 1948, Cobra is most well known for being part of the team that created the citizens band (CB) radio, a short distance radio service still used throughout the world today.

From the start, then, Cobra devices have been at the forefront of contemporary technology and many of their products, although superseded by later options, are still cherished and appreciated today.

CX 112

While it may have been a budget option, the CX 112 did not skimp on quality. With 16 mile range and battery saving features, this device suited both professional and personal needs at a lower cost. It also supported weather alerts and a roger beep system to help make communication as easy as possible.

The CX 112 was simple to use and offered a reliable communications device, making it popular with many enthusiasts. It’s small compact design established a trend that would continue with many Cobra products.

CXT 1035r

The CXT 1035r was well loved as both a practical hand-held device and a powerful long-range communication device. With a range of 37 miles and 2662 different channel combinations, the 1035r was suitable for a variety of uses.

What made it more unique, however, are the practical touches that were included. The soft rubber and plastic doesn’t just make the device ergonomic to hold – it also prevents the device from sinking in water. Even better, it automatically records the last 20 seconds of any incoming audio, so you can always replay something if you didn’t quite catch it the first time around. This little touch made this product useful in the wilds, where vast distances, water contact and unexpected surprises could always occur.

CWR 200

Defined as an All Hazards Alert radio, the CWR 200 was designed to survive harsh environments. What this device lacked in walkie talkie capabilities, it made up for with access to weather reports and warning systems. The CWR 200 had various controls to help fine tune. You could ensure only local reports came through, or even just severe tornado warnings.

As far as practical touches go, Cobra thought of more or less everything. It contains an alarm clock, a USB charger and an LED flashlight. This is the kind of device you should never go camping without, with a sense of versatility that Cobra continues to provide to this day.

Today’s Range

While these legacy devices have been superseded, the current range is built to surpass them and meet the current user’s expectations. Today, the devices may look smaller, but they have only gotten better.

Twoway Radio offers some of the most popular Cobra products, including the MT245, MT645, and MT975. Each of these are powerful two-way radios with multiple channels. Even better than this, all of these products are compatible with Cobra’s earpieces with built in microphones, to allow for hands free use.