Even in the age of cell phones, walkie talkies serve a purpose. Great for point to point communication and outdoor life, these devices are the favorites of hunters and nature enthusiasts everywhere. If you are looking into buying a new walkie talkie for yourself or a loved one, the first company to turn to should be Cobra. Cobra's not just a trusted name in the world of walkie talkies - it is one of the best manufacturers of walkie talkies in the world.

A Brief History of Cobra

Cobra is one of the biggest names in radio communication, owing to its invention of the CB Radio. The product, long vital to the trucking industry, revolutionized the way that Americans on the move could communicate with one another. Though the CB was arguably Cobra's biggest success, it has continued to make waves in the world of mobile communications with its cobra walkie talkies. Cobra radios have a reputation for being durable, easy to use and providing crystal-clear communications - all factors that make them among the most cherished walkie talkies on the market. Cobra has developed quite a legacy of radios and walkie talkie, with many still in use today.

The Cobra MicroTalk Walkie Talkie

The Cobra MicroTalk Walkie Talkie line is one of the best known the market, especially among those who want a small and durable walkie talkie for outdoor use. The MicroTalk line is known for its small size, of course, but its reputation for lasting in the field is what makes it so special. The Lithium-Ion battery allows for more than a full day's use, while the casing of the device makes sure that even the odd drop or shock won't destroy the sensitive equipment inside. Coupled with crystal-clear reception, the MicroTalk is certainly an amazing piece of technology.


While the Cobra walkie talkies are quite useful on their own, there are quite a few accessories that make the equipment even more useful. There are several different charging kits available to help those who need to keep their units charged throughout the night, as well as a number of headset and earpiece with microphone combinations that make the radios even easier to use. There are also several holster and cases that make travelling with the product even easier than using the radios on their own - products that are definitely beneficial for those who want to go hands-free.

In Development

Cobra is always improving its walkie talkies, and there are a few things that consumers can always expect. While the units are likely as small as they ever will be, it's expected that the next iteration of the product will be even lighter. One call also expect a longer range and greater call clarity with upcoming units.

If you are looking for a walkie talkie, it's always a good idea to go with the classic. Cobra has been around for decades, and its reputation really is enough to bank on. Whether you need a walkie talkie for a single event or you want something that will last for years, Cobra has exactly what you need.