Walkie talkie devices are a great way to communicate over short distances. Traditional options use hand-held devices, but this doesn’t meet everyone’s needs. Instead, why not try a walkie talkie headset? TwoWay Radio offers a range of products, helping you to get the most out of this useful technology. So, let’s explore the benefits these items can offer you!

Is A Walkie Talkie Headset?

These products are, as you might imagine, headsets designed to work with walkie talking technology. These headsets can be combined with compatible products, allowing users to talk directly through the attached microphone – and listen through the built-in speaker – rather than the original device.

How Does It Differ From Other Headsets?

Not all headsets can be used on a walkie talkie. This is because normal headsets simply transfer sound from the source through to the speakers. These devices, on the other hand, need to enable two way communication. A Motorola Head Set, for example, is designed to be compatible with various Motorola devices.

This requires adding a few more features. Most of these headsets feature a PTT (push-to-talk) button that can be easily accessed. This allows a user to always be listening and, when they want to transmit something back, they can just push the button to activate their recording apparatus.

What Are The Benefits Of A Headset?

The biggest benefit to a headset is that allows for hands-free operating when compared to a regular device. This is because a typical device still requires you to hold it when listening to another person, waiting for your turn to activate the PTT button and respond (you can check out the Cobra Head Set for a product with such a feature). With a headset, you only need to do this when you want to talk: the rest of the time, you can carry on with your tasks and duties.

Furthermore, these headsets, which go over the head, are more comfortable than an earpiece, which would sit inside the ear. Additionally, these designs can enable you a clearer sound, due to a less interference from external background noise, something earphones have difficulty filtering.

Where Would You Use Such A Headset?

Walkie talkie with a headset is useful in many situations. It can be used in situations which require people to communicate regularly, often in noisy environments, while keeping their hands free. This could be used in security for example, or large warehouse operations.

The ability to block out background noise makes them useful for nightclubs and live music events, where security and department heads can communicate without needing to talk face to face or shout over the various noises. Headsets allow these operations to occur peacefully, while allowing hosting staff and other employees to stay in constant communication.

Whatever your needs, if you’re looking for walkie talkie headset options, Two Way Radio has a wide range of products to choose from. This includes many leading brands, ensuring compatible options for the most popular two-way radio solutions.