Walkie Talkies are invaluable in working environments where mobile phones aren't suitable, reliable (when there is not enough signal) or robust enough. From building sites to adventure activity centres and noisy nightclubs, two-way radios are a communication method you can depend on.

Walkie talkie sets, also known as indoor and outdoor radios, are designed to support secure communication between teams and colleagues working outside the range of mobile phones. Modern walkie talkies come with an impressive range of features, from voice activation to the ability to send text messages, make emergency calls, headsets and microphones, and some that can transmit over several miles.

Leisure customers are buying more walkie talkies than before, especially with people taking more holidays in the wilderness. It is always sensible to equip yourself with a safe and secure communication tool, especially when outside the range of mobile signals.

Walkie Talkie Set Accessories

When choosing walkie talkies, many buy a walkie talkie set that includes at least two walkie talkies, since there is usually a need for contact between two team members. Accessories are often included, such as headsets and microphones, which allow for more discreet communication, since the basic design of any radio includes a loudspeaker, for making and receiving radio calls.

With headsets and microphones, walkie talkie users can contact each other without those in the area overhearing the conversation, with the added convenience that you don't need to unclip and hold the device to make and receive radio calls. Two Way Radio has a great selection of radio accessories, including Motorola Ear Pieces, Vertex Noise Cancelling Speaker microphone and MP3 headphone-style microphones, for extra discretion.

One advantage of buying a walkie talkie set is that they often come with accessories, including convenient carry cases, charging stations and headphones or speakers.

Walkie Talkie Set Options

From Motorola to Kenwood, the best walkie talkie brands can come in sets, which can include a mini walkie talkie twin pack set, up to a 6 way pack of two-way walkie talkies.

Leisure users can also purchase sets, since families and groups that enjoy adventure activities should always have access to secure communication channels, especially when they are outside the range of phone signals. One of our most popular leisure packs is the Motorola T80 Quad Pack.

Walkie talkie sets come in a range of sizes, from the mini twin pack set, up to a 6 way set, which means they come with six radios, a charging station and a range of accessories. Also available, from most leading brands, are 3 way and 4 way walkie talkie sets, which three and four radios per set. Give us a call so we can discuss what you need: 0800 028 6261.

We have a great selection of walkie talkies, including packs of 3 way, 4 way and 6 way Walkie Talkies, plus a wide range of accessories, such as headsets and microphones. Our dedicated team is here to help you choose the right two-way radio solution for you. Please give us a call if there is anything the team at Two Way Radio can help with: 0800 028 6261 or 01527 872 777 (on a mobile).