It's not unusual to disregard the importance of walkie talkies. We live in an age where using a walkie talkie can be considered backward and slow. However, there are various industries that gain immense value from these communication devices. Considering walkie talkies by industry can change your perspective, as schools, restaurants, large industrial complexes, hospitals, prisons, banks --just to name a few-  cannot fully function without them. Looking back through the history of communication, one appreciates how man has made significant strides in this 'now neglected' area of telecommunication. So it should come as no surprise that several industries and organisations are using these seemingly outmoded devices to enhance efficiency and security.

Schools need them as security walkie talkies, restaurant staff require them to bridge orders, prisons want them in order to secure inmates, banks and hospitals too are queuing up to place orders for these 'handy' devices. There is never smoke without a fire, so surely a walkie talkie is still valuable even in this technological era.

Portable two way radios use the push-to-talk technology that allows the transmission of radio frequencies. How they actually work is a conversation for another time, but basically they consist of an antenna, a speaker and push-to-talk buttons. The commercial types are different from the consumer HT's (hand held transceivers), which are lighter and allow only specific programmed frequencies. Range differs from model to model, however, it is possible to extend your range using a repeater device.

Large Industrial Complexes

Large manufacturing plants are beehives of activity. What better way to keep people on the floor in constant long distance communication than to equip certain personnel with walkie talkies. Take for example a car manufacturing plant. Fitters on the assembly line can inform each other of difficulties that the next fitters have to expect once a car gets to their stations.

Schools Walkie Talkies

In schools they are mainly used as security devices that ensure that security and safety are up to standard. So much illegal activity takes place in schools. Something as serious as drug dealing can slip through the fingers if there is no way for security personnel to alert each other of suspicious movements taking place on campus. Response to accidents, fires and gun shootings can be swift if people in relevant departments can communicate via means that are completely free of charge.

Cost vs Value

Cost and value are considerations to be made whenever you make a monetary investment. You will be getting your money's worth with school walkie talkies because all you need are batteries! No network problems, nothing like a number being unreachable, and definitely no communication tariffs to deal with. All this and more for a few restaurant walkie talkies and you will be good to go.

To Conclude

Thanks to the ingenuity of our forbearers we now speak of telephones, cellular phones, industry walkie talkies, fax, and, most notably, the internet. For a device whose commercialization only came after its use had been confined to the military During World War 2, a portable radio goes a long way in facilitating efficiency.