Restaurant Walkie Talkies

Two way radios and walkie talkies can enhance many businesses and have proven to be largely beneficial within the service industry and the restaurant sector. The usefulness of a two way communication system is that discreet communication can be made between employees and managers across large locations and venues, without causing any disruption to the guests and customers. The addition of a two way radio can help to reduce the stress of the hectic restaurant environment and facilitate all members of the team when working.

How will walkie talkies help my restaurant?

In many cases, a two way radio is crucial to many restaurants when communicating between the front of house, waiting staff and the kitchen. They allow for immediate updates on food and service and ensure the customer is not left waiting without an answer. Alternatively, a two way radio is a great way for restaurant staff to let each other know where customers are or where possible empty tables are available for potential customers are.

Many of the radios have the option of an earpiece or headset accessory. This not only provides the user with a much more comfortable way to use the radio but also means they will be hands-free when communicating, allowing them to do other tasks, like setting up tables or carrying food, whilst still interacting with the rest of the team.

The efficiency of your restaurant team is sure to be increased with the use of walkie talkies as it reduces the need for unnecessary trips to other areas of the restaurant just to interact other members of staff. The time often wasted can be used elsewhere in the restaurant to help the experience of the customer, or to ensure the food service is running as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, it’s been proven that immediate communication can significantly reduce customer wait time and effectively improve the customer experience of the restaurant.

What kind of walkie talkie works best in a restaurant?

The most successful walkie talkies in restaurants are often the most discreet and lightweight models, in order to not distract from the customer service. A less bulky model is also less likely to obstruct the staff member whilst they work and allow them to get on with tasks as they usually would. Typically, you won’t need a two way radio that has a huge range or frequencies and most recreational walkie talkies will be suitable for a restaurant situation as they are not likely to be large enough to go out of range, as opposed to licenced radios. To view the full range of recreational walkie talkies, check out the ‘leisure radios’ section and browse the options we offer at crystal radio suppliers.

Here at Crystal Radio suppliers we understand that many different restaurants will have different needs and are happy to advise or inform anyone who have queries regarding restaurant walkie talkies or business radios. Go to the ‘contact’ tab and leave a message on the contact form, and one of the experienced team members will get back to you.

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