Security and Event Walkie Talkies

Unlike in the past when walkie talkies were only meant for police and military use, today, their versatility has made them indispensable in a number of organisations and business milieus. Most event walkie talkie models feature simple push-to-talk button and speakers which allow users to relay their messages very easily.

Walkie talkie hire for events

Walkie talkies are a fantastic way to communicate with staff and suppliers that you need to stay connected to throughout the event. As they do not rely on signal strength like mobile phones do, they can be used anywhere and everywhere and make organising and be supervising your event much easier.

Hiring walkie talkies are an excellent option for your event as purchasing a full set of walkie talkies can e quite expensive and if you only need them for an event, it is not a cost-effective option. When you hire walkie talkies from Two-Way Radios Service, you will receive your radios fully set up and ready to use so not only is hiring them a cheaper option, but a simpler one too.

What kind of event would you hire walkie talkies for?

Event radio hire is ideal if you are organising a large one-off event such as a festival where you will need to keep in contact with many staff over a large area of ground. Keeping in touch with security services, food and beverage staff as well as first aid teams and backstage crew is essential to ensure that your festival runs smoothly. Concerts, sporting events and large parties may also benefit from walkie talkie event hire.

As walkie talkies work on radio signals, they are ideal for camping trips in locations where there may not be any reliable mobile phone signal. Whether you are taking a family camping trip, or you are leading a camping expedition, such as a Guides or Scouts camp, and you are going to be responsible for the safety and well-being of others; hiring a set of walkie talkies for the trip will ensure that you can keep in touch with your whole group always.

Construction workers can also make use of walkie talkie hire as they are much more robust then mobile phones and so are much better suited to life on a construction site. Walkie talkies can also be used without the need to take off any personal protection equipment, such as gloves or helmets.

Why hire from Two-Way Radio Services?

Two-Way Radio Services have been established since 1999 and are the fastest growing two-way radio hire service in the UK. Using their extensive experience, Two-Way Radio Services will put together the perfect walkie-talkie hire package for your event. You will receive as many devices as you require, along with accessories such as microphones and ear pieces which will make running your event a breeze. You will also receive a rapid one-hour charging unit, despite the fact that all the devices will arrive with you fully charged, within 24 hours, anywhere in the UK. You can hire your walkie talkies for as long as you need them with a range of hire packages available from one day, one week, one month or more.


Communicate effectively and reliably with walkie talkie hire from Two-Way Radio Services and receive top of the range equipment as soon as you need it, for as long as you need it.


Many businesses can benefit from event walkie talkies and business radios. They can be used as public address systems; can enhance health and safety practices in an organisation; and keep employees informed of any emergency or an urgent situation throughout the day.  In event organisations, in particular, walkie talkies rank up there with must-have tools like clipboards, smart phones, and comfortable shoes. They can be used in a many areas:

Coordinating Your Support Staff

Special events, meetings, or conventions are often thronged with a great number of attendees. The ability to coordinate your staff in such events is crucial in making the event successful.  To avoid glitches, effective communication is key.  Walkie talkies can help your staff rearrange chairs and generate set up of the venue in minutes and can allow you to clear problems with food delivery in a few moments. Additionally, it can allow your event's officials to contact security or emergency agencies urgently, ensuring the safety and comfort of your event's attendees.

Managing Your Security Team

Your security team is only effective and up to the task when they are able to communicate with other one another in real time. When they are working among a crowd, security personnel need to keep in touch with each to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of the attendees. Additionally, walkie talkies will allow your staff or security team to stay in contact with the central office, giving them a great opportunity to request for back up from emergency agencies or the police whenever need arises.

Connecting Your Medical Team

Your medical team including doctors, nurses, and other medical staff can stay connected via walkie talkies to boost their efficiency and eliminate the hassle of running back and forth between treatments rooms, doctor's offices, and waiting room. Additionally, your attendees will have confidence in the event because of the assured quick medical emergency response.

Coordination among Your Caterers

While the success of your event caterers relies on their ability to cook excellent foods, it is also impacted by their customer service prowess. Event walkie talkies will allow your front office service staff to update and alert kitchen staff as well as other concerned officials when food levels are running low or when it is time to serve the guests with the next course. What's more, your kitchen staff will get to know what is needed in a timely manner, allowing them to serve the attendees'' needs more quickly and efficiently. Supervisors will also have an easy time in monitoring concerns as they arise and will be in a good position to resolve them quickly.

Bottom Line

Walkie talkies are great tools that can assist you manage your event seamlessly. However, before purchasing event or security walkie talkies for your event organisation business, ensure that you are aware of the licensing requirements in your locality.