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A new era in licence-free communication. Icom proudly announces the debut of a new category of digital radio, the IC-F4029SDR. A first in the market, the IC-F4029SDR is a digital PMR 446 radio compliant to the ETSI TS 102 490 and EN 301 166-2 specifications. The IC-F4029SDR provides digitally modulated clear sound and group communication. Status message is possible, bringing a new dimension to the licence free arena. These radios also enable one to one calls with privacy from other users. 
By changing the channel setting, the IC-F4029 SDR can be used on existing analogue PMR 446 channels and gives you the transition from analogue PMR 446 to digital PMR 446 in one unit. This product will create new markets for commercial and private users alike. 

This radio enables existing users of all types of PMR446 radios, not just existing Icom users, to upgrade to a digital radio. The radio has 4 personalities (zones), the first 3 zones are set up to work with different types of existing PMR446 radios, so if you already use an Icom for example you switch the radio to zone 1 and it will be fully compatible. If you are using different manufacturers PMR446 radios you simply select the zone which is compatible with your existing radio and communicate. In Zone 4 the radio works in digital mode with enhanced audio and reception, status messaging and secure communications. We like the idea of different zones as it allows existing analogue users to upgrade to digital radios gradually if they so wish. 

6.25kHz ultra narrow channel spacing 
No licence is required to use the radio 
Digitally modulated secure conversation for commercial and private users 
32-code status messages for exchanging a short message

Common ID code for group communication 
Compatible with existing analogue PMR 446 channels with CTCSS/DTCS tones 
Large capacity Lithium-Ion battery with 2-step power saver 
Compact, lightweight design and tough body 
Hands-free operation with optional headset 
Optional programming software allows quick and simple settings of radio parameters 

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