The Midland Radio Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic communication equipment. Its products include walkie talkies (two-way radios), land mobile radios, as well as base stations and repeaters used by governments and commercial entities. Below is a detailed look at Midland radios.

A Brief History of the Midland Company

The Midland Radio Corporation is a US-based manufacturer of radio equipment that began operating in the 1960s as an affiliate of a company called CTE International. By the 1970s, Midland had established itself as a popular manufacturer of household electronics and citizen band (CB) radios. Over time, Midland shifted from manufacturing both household electronics and radio gear to focus on producing high-quality walkie talkies, weather alert radios, bluetooth intercom systems, CB radios, and wearable action cameras.

Midland ships and sells its products all over the world. In addition, the company has affiliates in the UK, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, and in Latin America. According to Midland's LinkedIn page, it has between 51 and 200 employees most of whom work at the company's Kansas, Missouri headquarters.

Midland two-way radios

Midland G7 Walkie Talkie

Midland G7 is a compact two-way radio designed for short-range communication (less than 10 km). This communication range falls to about 3-4 km if operating in an area with many obstacles. The G7 weighs about one pound and its battery is rated 800mAh. It is worth noting that the Midland G7 is encased in a sturdy metal frame.
Some of this two-way radio's useful features include high-low power selection (useful in prolonging battery life), twin pole jack for microphone or speaker system, channel scanner, signal strength indicator, vibrate option, battery level indicator, and eight PMR 446 channels with 38 CTCSS dub tone channels.

Midland G5XT

If you want to purchase Midland walkie talkies for use at home, the Midland G5XT is the right choice. The two radio sets are small and light yet powerful enough to make communication around the home easy. In fact, the manufacturer's specifications show that the Midland G5XT radios have a range of 10 km. Key features include eight PMR 446 channels, out of range indicator, hands-free functionality, talkback functionality, baby-monitoring functionality, 3.5 mm charging socket, 2.5 mm microphone socket, and automatic power saving mode.

G5TX Vali Box

The G5TX vali box is a portable two-way radio pack that consists of two G5TX walkie talkies, two microphones with adjustable earpieces, two in-car chargers, six rechargeable AAA batteries, two wall socket chargers, two belt clips, two 12V power supplies, and a carrying case. This pack has all the equipment and accessories you need to communicate with another person as well as charge radios.

Midland G6

Midland's G6 two-way radios can also be used for monitoring a baby at home. Its main features include an out of range indicator, three hands-free adjustable levels, hands-free talk back, babysitting functionality with dedicated channels, 38 CTCSS tones, auto power saving mode, LCD backlit alphanumeric display, and channel scanner.


Walkie talkies come in handy in many situations including while hiking in the countryside or during emergencies. To communicate effectively, it is advisable to use quality devices such as the Midland radios. Examples of such radios include the Midland G6, G5XT and G7 walkie talkies.