Business Walkie Talkies

Choose From Licenced or Unlicenced Radios

At a time when staying securely in touch with workers and supervisors is all-important, there is the option of professional in different industries use walkie talkies instead of the usual land-line telephones or mobile devices.  In fact, there is a trend in the UK today for all sorts of professionals to use business walkie talkies because of current Internet and mobile phone hacking. Business walkie talkies fall into two main catergories, licensed and unlicensed. Licensed ones have more transmit power then the unlicensed ones. Some of the walkie talkies come in military grade models, while many models are water resistant, shock proof and even voice activated.

Another aspect of walkie talkie use for business use is linked to the fact that smartphones have been expensive when equipping workers who need to stay in touch on a daily or regular basis.  Walkie talkies are proven useful at schools, hospitals, construction sites, in warehouses and for all aspects of security operations.  There is even a long-standing tradition in the UK to utilize walkie talkies since the technology was first developed by the British military during World War II.

Walkie talkies offer proven security results

While it is called an indoor or outdoor radio, it's still a "walkie talkie," says those who are in favor of this highly secure mode of communication.  The typical professional or business-styled device comes with rechargeable batteries, headsets for private communications and special cases and belt clips to make these walkie talkies perfect for professionals on the go.  The device is basically a two-way radio; while professional models are credited with sending and receiving secure voice communications over long distances.

Users of walkie talkies say they enjoy features that include:

- A secure device that has proven its worth during times of war, and for modern business purposes.

- A radio that offers two-way communications over secure airways in any and all environments.

- A way to save lots of money on mobile phone bills because there is no outside tower needed to send or receive voice messages on a typical professional walkie talkie.

- A device that is dust, shock and water proof; while having a one or multiple year replacement warranty.

- A two-way radio that is truly user friendly for workers at all levels to enjoy without the usual "no signal" hassle of mobile phones.

In general, the time is right for professionals to adapt to a tried and true system of secure communications, thanks to walkie talkie technology.

Walkie talkie revival in the UK

The business solution that a business modeled walkie talkie provides is impressive, say professional workers who now depend on these two-way radios at work sites around the UK.  In fact, today's line of high-tech walkie talkies have been dubbed "the next generation" of two-way radios because this vast array of portable and mobile radios can do the job without usual hacking worries.

Meanwhile, there's been a sort of revival for these two-way radios in the UK at a time when mobile phone airways are becoming very busy and not as secure as business-minded professionals prefer.  The result is more and more professional workers are using this tried and true communication device simply because it has your back when needed.

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