In a world where everyone and his dog seems to carry a smartphone for instant communication, it can be easy to forget that other forms of two-way communications still exist, and even thrive. Walkie talkies, small transmitting and receiving radios, still have an important place in today's world, especially in certain business situations.

Construction companies are a good example of the kind of business that has a need for walkie talkies. Construction sites can cover a very large area, and keeping in contact with someone who is working some distance away, or high up on a building being constructed while you are at ground level, for example, is best achieved with a small and compact two-way radio device.

As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive walkie talkies provide the best results, but it isn't always quite as simple as that. The Motorola DP4400, complete with all the bells and whistles, will set you back close to £350, but if all you need is a reliable, high quality walkie talkie with a range of at least 500 metres - five kilometres with a clear line of sight - then the Hytera TC-320 will give you that and cost you less than £50. Sometimes cheap walkie talkies can outperform their pricier cousins, at least in terms of value.

There are two main types of signal or frequencies used in walkie talkies: UHF and VHF. Most people consider the UHF to be best, especially as the signal can pass through solid objects - an obvious advantage on a large construction site, for example. However, the VHF signal is usually superior in quality, but it requires a clear line of sight for long distance coverage. A VHF signal is usually found in entry level walkie talkies, while high end devices usually have a UHF signal.

Another important consideration when purchasing two-way radios is the battery life. If your work day is eight hours long, for example, but your battery life is only two hours, you will need several back ups to keep you functioning throughout the day, and inevitably you will be caught out at some point with a dead battery, usually when you need it most.

The best value in walkie talkies is not always the most expensive models. The Cobra MT975, for example, offers great all round value and costs less than £60. The Midland G7, priced at under £80, offers exceptional value for long range use. It has 8 channels, with 38 privacy codes per channel, and an option to cover a range of up to 12 km. You can also find excellent value in the used two-way radio market, where prices can be much more affordable, but the quality and value can still be high.

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