Two-Way Radio in Schools

The care and safe protection of children and young people in schools, colleges, and university campuses are essential to your health and safety program. With two-way radios, you can experience immediate communication with the office, teachers, or other staff to give updates, report incidents, or call for assistance in times of emergency. Let's discuss how two-way radios, also called walkie talkies, can become an asset in your school. 

Why use Radios in Schools

Your school campus's Health & Safety program requires fast and reliable communication tools. While most adults have mobile phones, the delay in ringing or answering them can make all the difference in getting help during an incident. So, your school will benefit significantly from two-way radios for the most efficient communication. 

With two-way radios, all of the institution's staff, no matter their location on the campus, can communicate. These radios are cost-effective and easy to use.   

Here are a few more uses:

  • School trips
  • Parking organisation
  • Escorting students on or off campus
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Risk and incident management
  • Reporting crimes

The Advantages of Two-Way Radios in Schools

There are many advantages of using two-way radios in schools and other institutions of education. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Quick communication between teachers and the office
  • Safety for lone workers - teachers, cleaners, caretakers, etc.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Cost-effective
  • Smoother-running events
  • Being able to call for assistance or to transmit vital information with speed is essential.  

Headsets and Radios

Just as walkie talkies are suited to many situations, there are many styles of radios and headsets. They are compact, stylish, and available with a variety of features. When choosing two-way radios for your school, consider the following:

  • The signal range needed
  • Battery life
  • Do you require group calls or just two-way calls
  • Does it need to be waterproof or shockproof

Licensed or Unlicensed Radios

You may choose licensed or unlicensed radios. Licensed radios have more range, making them especially suited for multi-site or mobile operations. Unlicensed two-way radios have a shorter signal range and can be affected by outside interference. But they work well on single sites like a smaller school.  

How They Work

Two-way radios work by sending and receiving radio waves through an antenna. Additionally, they utilise a transmitter that is also a receiver, a loudspeaker that also works as a microphone, and a large 'push to talk' button. The format is simple and easy to operate. Parties can communicate as long as they use the same frequency band. 

Why Buy Two-Way Radios from Crystal Radio Systems?

You will need fast, effective, and reliable communication to ensure the safety and smooth running of your school or other educational institution. Two-way radios can be just what you need.  At Crystal Radio Systems, we have been in the radio industry since the late 90s. We provide high-quality two-way radios to suit almost any situation. We offer next-working-day courier service, and our experienced team prides itself on excellent customer service. Do you need expert advice? Please contact us at 0800 028 6261. We’ll help you find the right radios for your school. 

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