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Walkie talkies were fast developed by the military for quick and private communication during combats or operations. Now they have vastly developed to be used in building security systems or just normal every day application for people who want convenient exchange of information and on secluded channels. Several telecommunication companies have developed a range of two-way radios released in the market. Here are some of the best Walkie talkie brands available:


Being a leading telecommunication company that released the first handheld phones, they are also praised for the first Walkie talkie. Since their first model-which was a military product, Motorola has developed this product over years and now they can boast of Walkie talkie models with a frequency of 10-35 miles. Some of their best Motorola Walkie talkies include the TLKR T40, T41, T50 and the T50. They have features like LCD displays, 8 channels and with no call charges.

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For the past half century, Midland has been a leading brand in quality Walkie Talkie brands approved by corporates and individuals as well. Their specialty is the GMRS line which has been used by hunters, mariners and hikers. Their newest production in Midland Walkie Talkies are the X-Talker editions that have features like 10 hour battery life, clear transmission, 26 mile range, hands free communication and advanced weather technology.

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The Cobra Walkie Talkie brands have been in production since 1948. Cobra is known to produce two-way radios with prices from low to high, so there is just about a Walkie talkie for everyone. Their latest addition in Cobra Walkie Talkies include the CXT 1000 Series with all conveniences we look for like long-range coverage (35miles), voice activation, silent alert vibration, power-save mode and LED lights that can launch an SOS call.

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Uniden is another telecommunication company with reputable Walkie Talkie brands. They have managed to remain competitive with their GMR6000 series. Uniden Walkie Talkies can cover up to 50mile talk range; are weatherproof; are submersible; and can also float on water. They come with additional accessories like gear clips which ensure easy access of the two-way radio while hiking or hunting.


Kenwood has had a history in producing high end audio devices and their two-radios live up to this in terms of clarity even in the harshest environment. Kenwood Walkie Talkies feel comfortable to the hand and are easy to use and come with advanced data and voice abilities. In the field, they can cover long ranges providing over 16 channels and perform efficiently despite the weather conditions.

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Doro Walkie Talkies have been praised for their long distance coverage of up to 10km. They offer unrivaled sound quality in low network zones, come with over 300 channels and sub channels, and fit perfectly on the hand. Their latest model is the WT87 series that packs these features for hassle free communication.

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Binatone Walkie Talkies are not only affordably priced, but they can also offer seamless communication similar to that of top range two-way radios. They come with a scan feature that allow you to scan for other available frequencies and talk confirmation tones that alert the other person to speak.

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Low priced and easily accessible, Icon Walkie Talkies cover up to 10km in talk range and are compact enough to fit in the hand. They have a reasonable battery life, large LCD display, a reminder switch and multi-channels to subscribe to.

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Intek Radios is a globally-renowned manufacturer of CB radios, amateur radios, commercial transceivers, scanners, walkie-talkies and radio accessories. It produces solutions for radio enthusiasts, drivers, boaters and more. The company was first founded over four decades ago and offers RDF communication devices and two-way radios for professionals and consumers. Popular products in the range include UHF amateur radio transceivers, VHF marine transceivers, antennas and accessories. Their products are available in most European countries.

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Peltor is a 3M-owned brand that specialises in the design and manufacture of two-way headsets for use in noisy and hazardous environments. Its products include built-in two-way radio headsets, FM radio headsets, in-ear solutions, push-to-talk adapters and many more. The 3M company was formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company and was first founded way back in 1902. It offers goods for industrial customers, health care and consumers.

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MSA Sordin offer a wide range of communication solutions including two-way radio headsets, ear defenders and many more. The company is regarded as a leading player in the fields of hearing protection and communication and is known as ‘the safety company’. MSA was first formed in 1914 and supplies a vast catalogue of products for those working in hazardous conditions. It is based in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania and has over 5,000 employees.

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Vertex specialises in the provision of affordable two-way radios that can last for many years before they need to be replaced. The company’s radios are built to stringent requirements and undergo thorough testing. Vertex radios are as small as they are lightweight. The company was acquired by Motorola Solutions some time ago, with Vertex Standard radios now forming part of their entry-level range. Vertex offer a wide range of analogue and digital solutions.

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Vitai Electronics was first founded back in 2001 and is based in China. The company specialises in two-way radios, vehicle-mounted radios and more. Leading systems from the company include the VDG-360 and VDG-385. Its products are distributed across the world, with Vitai launching its foreign trade business back in 2008. It specialises in DMR digital radios, analogue two-way radios, mobile radios and more.

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